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Eyewear FAQ

What does new/old stock mean? Are these vintage frames?

All of the frames on Vintageous are authentic vintage. The majority of the frames are new/old store stock, which means that they have come from an opticians office or estate which had preserved original unused stock from the past.

Do these frames have lenses in them?

Unless otherwise stated, all of the frames on Vintageous are new/old store stock and DO NOT have lenses.

Are the frames sturdy enough for every day wear? Can I have my prescription placed in them?

Unless otherwise stated, the frames have been well preserved over the years. They are sturdy enough for every day wear and are perfect for your prescription. Because it is the lenses that help the frames retain their shape, often frames that have been stored for a long time without lenses will need a little adjustment, but your optician will take care of this when you have the frames fitted for your lenses. I personally have a couple of great pairs of frames which I have had fitted for sunglasses. I wear them every day and love them!!!

Can I use my healthcare spending card to purchase these frames?  Are these frames reimbursable by my healthcare plan?

Because we are not a healthcare supply provider you cannot directly use your healthcare spending card when purchasing frames from us, HOWEVER, we will provide you with an email order confirmation indicating that you have purchased opthalmic frames from us.  This is typically sufficient for reimbursement by most optical plans.  Please note that while this has been the case for most plans, we cannot guarantee reimbursement by all plans and you should check with your provider to be certain.


The inside of the frames are marked 46-20. What does this mean?

These numbers refer to the lens size and the bridge width and are printed in millimeters. In this particular case, the lenses are 46 millimeters and the width of the bridge (the nose piece) is 20 millimeters.

Generally I have found that a more helpful measurement in getting a good fit is the hinge to hinge measurement (I give this in inches). If you have a pair of glasses that fit your face comfortably right now, try taking this measurement with a ruler or cloth tape. It will help you decide what size is best for you.

The inside of the arm (temple) is stamped 5 1/2. What does this mean?

This number tells you the length of the arm (in most vintage frames this measurement is in inches, though occasionally you will see metric measurements instead). This measurement is taken following the bend of the temple.