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What size is this dress? 

Because there is really no modern size standard (what one may think of as a size 8 may be a size 6 to someone else depending on the brand you are used to wearing), I prefer not to give modern size equivalents. In order to get the best fit when purchasing clothing online, it is best to use garment measurements instead. PLEASE do not just guess your measurements. For information on taking your measurements, please visit the measurements page

Can I put an item on hold or layaway an item?  

At this time we do not offer holds or layaways.  If you are interested in a payment plan for an item, you may want to look into the Bill Me Later service currently offered by PayPal.

Can I see additional views of an item? 

If you require additional condition/detail views of a particular item please feel free to let us know.  Please be aware, however, that it may take several days to complete these requests

Can you please notify me when you update? 

If you would like immediate notifcations when the updates are live, you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Can you email me the latest Vintageous news and information about sales and discounts?

Sure!  To be added to our mailing list, please fill out the form at the bottom of any page of the website and we'll be happy to add you.

Do you take requests? 

Although we love to help people find the perfect dress for a special event, we are currently receiving such a large volume of requests every day that we are unable to fill them all. If you would like to send a request, please feel free to do so, however you may still want to watch the site for new items. When sending a request please be VERY specific... include your exact measurements and specific preferences (colors, styles, eras, necklines, length, etc...).

Do you buy? 

YES!!! We generally buy formal wear from the 1920's to the 1970's, casual wear and new/old stock eyewear. Also, we are always on the look out for terrific designer items (Dior, Mainbocher, Hattie Carnegie, Galanos, Travilla, Adrian, Traina-Norell, Schiaparelli, Lilli Ann, Gernreich, etc...).  At this time we are NOT buying coats, furs, separates, shoes, hats, costume jewelry, scarves or hankies.

If you have something that you would like to sell, please send email to In this email please be as specific as possible (include how many items you have, sizes, colors, condition, price, etc...). Please be prepared to provide pictures, however DO NOT send them with your initial email.

Can you tell me how much my purse, hat, dress, etc... is worth? 

Unfortunately, many different factors are involved in valuing an item. It is quite difficult to take into account all of these factors when valuing an item via email. Therefore, at this time we do not do appraisals.

Can you please send me a print catalog? 

Vintageous is a strictly online business. Inventory availability changes so rapidly that a print catalog would be out of date within hours, therefore there is no print catalog.

Where is Vintageous located? 

Vintageous is located in Southeastern Virginia. At this time Vintageous is a strictly online business and is not open for walk in traffic.

Do you have a return policy? 

Yes. Please see the shipping and returns page for full details.

Where can I find the answers to my questions about EYEWEAR? 

For answers to questions regarding eyewear, please visit the Eyewear FAQ.

 How do I order an item?

To order an item, please use the "add to cart" buttons provided for each item to add an item to your cart. Once you do so, you can "check out" using the "check out" button. During checkout you will be provided with a secure order form to enter your shipping/payment information. 

Do you ship overseas?  

Absolutely! Additional shipping and customs charges will apply.  Please visit the international ordering information page for more information.