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I know that knitting is fast becoming a lost art, but these patterns are so wonderful I would consider picking up my needles again. I hope you'll enjoy these patterns as much as I have. Feel free to peruse them and print out the ones you want to try. I'll add new ones as often as I can. Have Fun!

From: The Complete Guide to Modern Knitting and Crocheting, by Alice Carroll. Published in 1942.

Materials: (Size 14)
12 oz. knitting worsted.
1 pr. #8 Boye Needles.

5 sts. = 1 in.
7 rows = 1 in.

Pattern Stitch. Work in ribbing of P 4, K 9 Jor 6 rows.
Next row-Work a double cable in each panel of K 9. Continue in ribbing and hereafter work a double cable in each panel of K 9 every 14th row, until each panel has cable twisted 2 times, then work 6 rows and then discontinue working one K. panel on each end (3 K panels remain). Continue in pattern for 2 more twists in each of these panels and then work 6 rows and discontinue 1 more K panel each side (1 knit panel remains). Continue until 2 more twists have been made in this panel and then work 6 rows and discontinue the knit panel (work will be entirely in reverse stockinette stitch).

Back. Cast on 69 sts.
Work even in pattern for 2 1/2 in.
Now start shaping sides by decreasing 1 st. each end every 1/2 in., 4 times.
Work 1/2 in. even (piece measures 5 in.) now increase 1 st. each end every 1/2 in. 4 times.
Work even until piece measures 13 in.
Now bind off 3 sts. at beginning of next 2 rows.
Decrease i each end every other row 4 times.
Work even until armhole measures 7 1/2 in.
Bind off.

Left Front. Cast on 54 sts.
Work 11 sts. at center edge in Moss st. for double border.
Work remaining sts. in cable and rib pattern same as back shaping work at undcrarm every 1/2 in. after the first 2 1/2 in. which is worked even.
When piece measures same as back to underarm bind off 4 sts. at underarm edge.
Decrease 1 at this edge every other row 5 times.
At same time when binding off these 4 sts. start shaping neck by de- creasing 1 st. inside border every 3rd row 9 times, then every 2nd row 8 times. Work even until armholc meas- ures 7 1/2 in.
Bind off all except border sts.
Work 2 1/2 in. even on Moss st.
Bind off.

Right Front is worked to correspond but start buttonholes 1 in. from bottom and make 5 spaced every 2 1/4 in. apart.
To Makeó At center edge work 1 st., bind off 3 sts., work 3 sts. bind off 3, finish row.
Next row cast on over those bound off.

Sleeves. Cast on 41 sts.
Work in Moss st.
Work 2 in. even making a cuff to be turned up.
Change to reverse stockinette st.
Increase 1 at beginning of every row 14 times.
Work even until piece measures 4 1/2 in.
Now bind off 3 at beginning of next 2 rows.
Decrease 1 each end every inch 4 times.
Now decrease 1 each end every other row 4 times.
Now work 2 tog. across row.
Work back.
Bind off.

Finishing. Fold border back and hem down on wrong side of work lo make a double border.
Buttonhole stitch around each buttonhole.
Slip stitch all seams together and set in sleeves.

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