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I know that knitting is fast becoming a lost art, but these patterns are so wonderful I would consider picking up my needles again. I hope you'll enjoy these patterns as much as I have. Feel free to peruse them and print out the ones you want to try. I'll add new ones as often as I can. Have Fun!

From "Chic Hats." Published in 1938.

MATERIALS- Popcorn Sport Yarn , 1 skein.

NEEDLES- 1 pair 10-inch White. Article 3845. Size 5. 1 6-inch White Crochet Hook. Article 3840, Size 1.

IMPORTANT- Check your gauge.

GAUGE: II sts=2 inches 8 rows=l inch
Cast on 100 sts for lower edge. Work stockinette st (p I row, k I row) for 10 rows. Begin front panel as follows:

First row (wrong side)-P 39, k 22, p 39.

2nd row- K 39, p 22, k 39. Repeat these 2 rows once. Work stockinette st for 4 rows. These 8 rows form one pattern. Continue pattern until stockinette st part of cap measures 2% inches from lower edge, ending with 3rd pattern row.

Next row- K 14, * k 2 tog, k I (seam st), slip, k and pass *, k 20, p 22, k 20, repeat between *'s once, k 14 (96 sts). Work stockinette st even for 3 rows.

Next row- K 13, * k 2 tog, k I, slip, k and pass *, k 60, repeat between *'s once, k 13 (92 sts).

Working front panel even as before, continue in this way to decrease 4 sts every 4th row 7 times more, decreasing 1 st each side of the 2 seam sts, having 2 sts less in center section and 1 st less each side after every decrease row, ending with 4th pattern row (64 sts).

Next row- P 8 sts, bind off 48 sts for top edge, p remaining sts; slip these 8 sts on safety pin and break yarn leaving a 16 inch end for weaving. Weave edges together from top to lower edge.

Top of Cap- Join yarn in 8th st from seam and k across 8 sts remaining on needle. Take up 8 sts from pin on to free needle and k across these sts. Continue stockinette st on these 16 sts until top measures 3 inches. Bind off.
Sew these 16 bound-off sts to 16 center sts of top edge of front panel. Weave other 2 edges of top to remaining free parts of top edge of cap. Join yarn on lower edge at seam. Working from right side, work 1 s c in each st on lower edge; join. Fasten off.

Steam lightly. Do not press ridges of panel flat.

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